About Us
Stangen Pharmaceuticals Philippines, Inc.
Standard, Advanced, Genuine, Novel

Established in 2010 has now move form a registration for Trade company to dynamic Sales and Marketing Company.
We have a co development model of business that concludes into mutually Enriching multi level co operation leading to commercially beneficial relationship.
Stangen has rich portfolio of quality Products that are already in leading positions across Philippines and are extremely enriching for the partners.

We are trusted partners of the medical fraternity, distinguished  by products and  unmatched services.
Stangen is a company that has  unparalleled skills to get into strategic partnerships with major  pharmaceutical companies.
Stangen has people that have experience, that are highly trained and extremely committed  and renowned in the pharmaceutical industry, nationally and internationally.
Stangen believes in high output professionals and provides service that is un paralled in  Philippines  beyond expectation.


• Stangen is engaged in importation, distribution of pharmaceuticals acquired from licensing long term agreements with renowned principals from various parts of the world and are accredited with embellishments like

• Corporate strengths.
• Extensive understanding of the Philippine pharmaceutical market and then ability to adapt global marketing perspective to local culture and traditions.
• Proven capability to successfully register both first filers , new products and mature products.
• A history of successful long-term partnerships with national andinternational companies.

First company in Philippines to launch Esomeprazole and is a leader in terms of units.
First to launch auto disabled syringes in Philippines
First company to launch Ceftriaxone+Sulbactam and is selling close to 70,000Vials per annum. We are in search of PICS approved facility
First company to launch Atorvastatin +Eztimibe .
First company to Launch 1000 Mg Paractemaol SR.
Our Volumes per annum ending December 2015 were USD 4 Million. Many Firsts in the Pipeline.

• Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry

The Philippine pharmaceutical market has total value of approximately US$4.5b ( with similar growth of 9% for the past three years. MNC’s value shares remain stable, however, national companies are significantly climbing up the ranks. Causes of mortality and morbidity remains the same; trending is reflected in top therapeutic categories. The US$2.5 billion Philippine pharmaceutical market is growing at around 9% annually.

• Top causes of mortality and morbidity continue to be respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, which is reflected in strong demand for drugs in these categories.
• About 80% of the products are sold through drugstores, about 10% through the hospitals and another 10% through government institutions, dispensing physicians
• Branded products account for 97% of drugs sold and generic products for 3%
• Multinational companies account for approximately 65% with national companies meeting 35% of the demand.

Our Journey




Our Vision

To Provide Premium pharmaceutical products to Filipino population at Economical, Reasonable and affordable prices. We believe in being the FAST and FIRST in launch of “just” off patent products.

Our Mission

To continue to launch advanced and Novel Pharmaceutical
and be a trusted and reliable and
genuine partner of choice as an integrated supply chain


We encourage customers to report adverse drug reactions, if any, for rectifications and corrective actions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Stangen Shares and cares for the needy and with this mission donated several 100’s of Boxes of Medicines for Yolanda victims in 2012 and 2013.

Stangen Vows to Share and Care every step of the way for the needy.

Corporate Strength

Extensive understanding of the Philippine pharmaceutical market and the ability to adapt global marketing perspective to local culture and traditions.

Proven capability to successfully register both first filers  , new products and  mature products.

Stangen’ shares its gains  with awards  and rewards for “Performers

Stangen has a rich roster of products and has filed well over 100 applications to FDA Philippines thus ensures short, medium and long term success with the medical fraternity and is a reliable partner for the willing reputed pharmaceutical companies from across the globe.

Audit Firm

Audit: Ferdinand Rodriguez and associates. Far Accountancy and consultancy Firm, Makati City
Legal and Patent Attorneys: Kapunan Tamno Javier and associates.